Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Nashville Boogie: Saturday

-Continued from our Nashville Boogie series- 

Saturday morning had us up at the crack of dawn to see Don Maddox. He was playing in the morning, which seemed odd at first, but it was because the lineup was sooooo jam packed. You will see by the time you finish reading this post! Don was his usual brand of awesome - playing all our favorite Maddox Bros. & Rose songs as well as cracking a few classic "old man" jokes. After the set we got to take a photo with him and pick up a signed copy of his new book. Do you like our matching outfits? It is almost like we knew what he would wear! 

Go see Don if you have a chance! A few days later when we were at the airport catching our flight home, we saw Don with his family waiting for their flight. - "Hey Don, great show at the Nashville Boogie!" Don replies, "Thanks. Hey, have you ever heard of the Maddox Bros. & Rose?" We then got the full story from the man himself. Don Maddox is hillbilly royalty, so we just smiled and nod, and heard the story all over again! 

Between seeing Don and breakfast at Cracker Barrel, we decided to finally take a good look at the vendors. The vendors were pretty quiet, which is nice for shopping. We didn't have a ton of dough to spend, but luckily, things are cheap in Nashville! I saw vintage shoes selling for $6, old day dresses for $10 and western gab slacks for $20. It was crazy! I also ended up leaving with a hair bow and coasters made of old vinyl record stock from Wreckerd Mill. Their stuff is so cool! I recommend you check them out! 

Then we met some friends at the Jack Daniel's bar to see the beautiful and talented Pearls Mahone play. Pearls puts her own modern spin on country tunes by greats like Patsy Cline, Loretta Lynn and Johnny Cash. She was very entertaining and charming to boot! 

Of course we had to check out the car show to take a few pictures for all you gear heads. The car show was all indoors and featured some beautiful cars! I wish we had more time to spend in there! 

There were also additional vendors out at the car show. One of them was in a vintage Shasta trailer. Sooooo cute. It was like a mix of shopping and glamping! The displays were so nice it made you almost not want to buy anything...almost! 

We didn't have much time to walk around the car show though because we had to see one of the most anticipated acts of the weekend: Nikki Hill! Nikki and her band flat out blew the roof off the joint! Their unique brand of Rock & Soul isn't trying to be perfectly traditional, and that's just fine by us! Nikki will have you dancing and screaming for more the whole time. It was great to get some hard rock and lots of soul to round out the weekend. 

The Nashville Boogie had a very impressive showing of legends for a first year festival. One of those legends was none other than Johnny Powers. Johnny came out snarling in white denim and black trim that screamed rock 'n' roll! He of course had the crowd roaring for his favorites. "Long Blonde Hair," and "Rock Rock." - Traditional rockabilly at its finest!

We loved seeing people we only get to see in Vegas, like Ashley of Lisa Freemont Street, and Barrie of Fables by Barrie. I was rocking a vintage western denim coulot and vest set I bought at VLV from Top Stitch Vintage out of Texas. 

One of the most talked about acts of the weekend was local favorite, Woody Pines. We met them at the Nashville Palace on Thursday night and they were all great guys. We were very eager to see their set. Gladly, this trio lived up to the hype! They sounded a lot larger thanks to Woody playing a variety of instruments while singing.  They really got the room hot, in more than one way! 

Even though he isn't still the young whipper snapper from back in his Collins Kids days, you'd never know it from watching him play. Larry Collins can still rip it up on the fretboard - powering through songs like "Rockin' Gypsy" and the crowd favorite "Whistle Bait." Also, it was fun seeing his nephew, Dakota Collins, on the bass. 

Modern rockabilly legends, The Paladins, played a monster of a set! We hadn't seen these Southern California guys play in quite awhile, so it only makes sense that we'd fly to Nashville to catch them. They were just as awesome as we remember! It was so refreshing to hear some California sound amid the southern sounds of the weekend. Younger rockabilly musicians should make sure to check out a Paladins show because this is how it's done! This ended up being one of our favorite sets of the entire weekend! 

The end of The Paladins set turned into an all star jam! Both Rosie Flores and Nikki Hill came onstage to rock out.

Our Bay Area friends The B-Stars are one of the top western swings acts going right now and they fit right in in Nashville. All their songs seem to be that perfect dancing tempo and they kept the somewhat dance-shy crowd swingin' the whole time. 

Tasked with closing out the weekend was none other than WILD records' best, The Rhythm Shakers. Marlene Perez and her band are on fire lately! You can catch them at nearly every top weekender around the world. And with good reason, their sound is raw, yet polished, and Marlene's delivery is near unequaled at the moment by anyone else on the scene. Their hard hitting brand of California rockabilly was the perfect end to a jam packed night of great performers. 

Stay tuned for more Nashville Boogie posts!

Dollie & Zack

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Breaking News: Rockabilly Rockout II CANCELED

Have you heard the news? There will be no good rockin' tonight, because the Rockabilly Rockout II has been canceled. It was just announced mere minutes ago, so we wanted to bring you this news as soon as possible. Promoter of the Rockabilly Rockout, Tom Ingram, posted this message on Facebook this evening: 

"To All People Who Bought Tickets for The Rockout

It is with regret that I must tell you that I have had to cancel The Rockabilly Rockout this year. I have spent a lot of money on promotion and that has not resulted in ticket sales. To date we have only sold just over 100 tickets. At this date last year we had sold about 350. I do not know why this is. I am sure everyone could come up with many reasons. I personally think it was going to be a great line up of bands and record hops. The reaction after last years Rockout was very positive and I have seen many of you post comments. I can only think that people do not want to go to an event in the same city more than once a year, no matter what the city. In contrast, Viva Las Vegas tickets are selling faster than last year.

Obviously you will not lose out on the money you paid for tickets. I can offer you 2 options:

1) A full refund by the method of payment.
2) Viva Las Vegas Tickets instead (which normally cost $5 more)

Please email me and let me know which option you would prefer.

I am really sorry about this but I had no option. The loss was just going to be too high and the interest was not there. If you do have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you for having bought tickets for the Rockout .

After this announcement people expressed disappointment all over Facebook. People commented how they had already bought tickets, gotten hotel rooms and were looking forward to the great line-up. And a great line-up it was! We were looking forward to seeing rockabilly legend Hayden Thompson again, as well as our friends from around the world like Ruby Ann and Jittery Jack. There were also some acts we just haven't seen in a while, like The Hi Q's, Jack Baymoore and our hometown favorite, The Lucky Stars. 

While I am disappointed, I am not surprised. This mimics the exact pattern of the Rockabilly Rave USA. I expect that in the same way, people will be talking for years about "how good the Rockout was" and how they want it back. Yet these same people are now upset because they waited to buy tickets to The Rockout and it is now canceled because of it. Everyone talks the talk, but not enough people walk the walk. 

Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together. What have we all done to grow this music scene that we all love? Of course all of our U.S. weekenders will die if people don't support them. We need to help promote the events, book hotel rooms and buy tickets. It isn't rockabilly rocket science people! If you don't support these small U.S. weekenders they will die and you will be left there to talk about "the glory days."

In the end this is just a sad testament to the state of the rockabilly community in the U.S. I am getting really tired of it. We need to bring rockabilly back home to the U.S. where it belongs and stop letting the U.K. kick our ass at weekenders!

Dollie and Zack 

Nashville Boogie: Friday

-Continued from our Nashville Boogie series-

On Friday we woke up to a beautiful spring day in Nashville, TN. We went into the 'burbs to see where our friend was staying. The neighborhood was so cute and quaint. On the corner of the block was a chocolate shop where they made small batches of craft chocolate there by hand. It was so good! Right across the street was a little vegan coffee house and juice bar. We had breakfast there to fuel up for our adventure! 

The first store we stopped at was Katy K's Ranch Dressing. This is a well-known Nashville shop that carries vintage and retro styled clothing. Of course, they had a lot of western stuff! Sadly the shop is closing it's doors after all these years, so everything was on sale. Even so, we were on a strict budget so I only ended up buying two little vintage novelty charm bracelets. 

After shopping we were quite thirsty. We knew we HAD to visit the most authentic honky tonk in Nashville: Robert's Western World! Everyone said they had the best old country music, the cheapest beer and the best fried bologna. After a few rounds of afternoon beers we finished touring Broadway and headed to the hotel to check-in. 

We stayed at the host hotel, The Gaylord Opryland. This is the largest non-gaming hotel in the U.S.! The staff at check-in was so nice that they upgraded us to a nicer room with a balcony and view. The room was beautiful and well appointed. The hotel was so huge that it was easy to get lost but we figured it out after a day or so. The ballroom, vendors, and car show were all inside of the hotel. There was also many bars, restaurants and gardens. If you wanted to, you could stay in that hotel for days without leaving. 

The first artist we caught for the weekender was rockabilly legend, Art Adams. He played some of his classics like "Dancin' Doll" and "Indian Joe" along with a couple newer songs. It is amazing how well he can still play and sing! 

The next act we caught was Big Sandy & His Fly-Rite Boys. Living in California, we are lucky to get to see Big Sandy all the time. We didn't need to travel all the way to Tennessee to see him, but boy are we glad we did. This was one of his highest energy shows we have seen in a long time. I mean, look at Ashley jumping! 

I was so happy to see one of my favorite bands there, The Bellfuries! They are guaranteed to always put on a good show. I love these boys from Texas! 

After the show the DJ's played for a bit, but there was not a big dancing crowd. We were a little disappointed that the DJs ended early, so we just planned to hang out in the ballroom drinking our own beer and listening to our playlist. However they turned the lights out on us! I guess the hotel is not used to this kind of event. No bother, we just moved the party to our hotel room! 

Stay tuned for our next post on Saturday night at the Nashville Boogie!


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