Friday, February 27, 2015

Rockabilly Rockout: Sunday

-continued from our Rockabilly Rockout series-

It doesn't seem to be a weekender unless there is a pool party. Or at least, that is the way it seems to be on this side of the world. We do love our pool parties! The Rockout didn't actually plan a pool party, as this event was all about the music. However, if there is a pool, we will show up on Sunday afternoon, weary and hungover. That's just how it works! After a dip in the pool and some sun bathing we got ready for the last night of the first Rockabilly Rockout. 

The highlight of the entire weekend was getting to see the legendary Don Maddox play again. He's in his 90s now but he still rips some hillbilly rhythms on his fiddle. Everybody in the room was singing along with their favorite Maddox Bros. and Rose songs. Some hits such as "Paul Bunyan Love" and "Step It Up And Go" may have even brought a few tears of hillbilly happiness. 

After his show, Don "Juan" Maddox took some time to pose with the pretty girls and sell some merch. He was very kind and gracious. If you're anywhere near to one of his shows, go, don't miss him! He's one of the last great links to the hillbilly music past and such a treasure. We can't wait to see him in May at the Nashville Boogie!

So many pretty things when you're looking for last minute Sunday deals. Decisions, decisions! The jewlery is from the ever popular Donnaland. The suits are from Hula Moon Swimsuit Company. I own one and I love it!

It had been a few years since we last saw the Hi-Strung Ramblers play but nothing much has changed. The guys still put on a real high energy rockin' performance. Their sound has matured nicely and the set felt fresh from beginning to end. Hopefully it won't be as many years before we see them again!

The Phil Friendly Trio had a rough go of it while driving to Las Vegas. Their travel van, which Phil said was brand new, broke down on the way to Vegas on the day they were supposed to play. Not wanting to let down the Rockout attendees they made arrangements to switch with a band and take a later set time. By the time they arrived there was hardly enough time to get a drink at the bar before they were due on stage. But these guys didn't complain, and they took the stage with smiles and enthusiasm and played a fun set. When life hands you lemons, play rockabilly music!

Mr. Entertainment, Deke Dickerson, outdid himself at the Rockout. Not only was he the emcee for the whole weekend, but when it came time to play he brought the house down! He even showed them young whipper-snappers how a guitar solo is done when he came into the audience and played on the dancefloor. We just wish he'd be more careful with that vintage Gibson ES-295! There's a reason Deke is at all the major festivals, he's one of the very best.

Overall it was a great weekender. If you are looking for a weekener that is all about the music, not the frills, and with a much smaller crowd, this may be the weekender for you! It was great because we got the DJs to play all of the songs we wanted to hear. We actually got to talk to people at length, like real conversations! We also got to shop in complete quiet and piece. We also loved the days being free so we could sleep in, have lunch on the strip and relax by the pool. We are definetly going back next year!

Dollie and Zack

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Companies In My Social Circle: February

Welcome to my monthly Companies In My Social Circle post! In this post I pay tribute to all of the  advertisers that keep this site going. Where would I be without them? No where!

News Flash! Viva Las Vegas 18 is just over 30 days away. Can you believe it? It's really crunch time now! At this moment they still have tickets available on their website but they are selling quick. If you plan on attending, get it now before they sell out or the prices raise. Next month will be all VLV talk around here- planing, packing, talking band lineup, pre parties, etc. So make sure you check back often for all of the news! 

I am so glad to have Wearing History as a continued advertiser! I met the owner recently at Inspiration LA and she was a sweetheart. I also got a glance at their newest tops and they are so cute! I am so happy to be able to support this awesome small company run by an amazing woman. If you have never heard of Wearing History, it started over 5 years ago with high quality sewing patterns for vintage style enthusiasts.  Due to high demand, the owner and designer Lauren, started a ready to wear collection. These garments are now made by skilled seamstresses in the USA. Wearing History prides themselves on making these pieces ethically. So you can feel good supporting this business! I know I do! 

If you are looking for something unique and special to wear to Viva Las Vegas this year, Wearing History may be just the ticket. Vintage clothing isn't for everyone because some people don't like to hunt for it, can't find their size, or can't keep up with the constant repairs that 50+ year old items require. So why not just buy a perfect vintage reproduction item in your size from Wearing History?

I  still have some great stuff listed in my Etsy store: Rockabilly Socialite Vintage. I recently re-listed everything in my shop with new SALE prices! I am basically giving stuff away because I have too much! However, you can still save 30% off at checkout with the code USA30! Check it out, you may find something you can't live without, like my Lilli Ann coat! How is that still there? I have just started wearing it because no one was buying it. I may just decide to keep it.  I am trying to make room to add a ton of vintage swimsuits, dresses, and purses. So feel free to favorite my shop so you can see when they get posted. Rockabilly Socialite Vintage, for the Socialite in you!

I would like to welcome my newest advertiser, Hedgehog & Owl to The Rockabilly Socialite! I just love their colorful and fun little ad! I feel it perfectly represents the colorful and fun pieces the owners have lovely curated to place in their shop. I want to tell you to go buy their stuff, but part of me wants to keep it a secret so I can buy it all for myself! I love these four pieces below, so definitely don't buy these ones. Ha ha! Just kidding! They are local to me in Los Angeles, which is totally hep. Please support this small local business and buy some new-to-you vintage home goods. It's green after all!

Thank you again to all of our advertisers, new and old! Do you need to advertise your products, sale or special event? Would you like to reach a targeted audience of thousands to advertise your business? Then why not advertise with The Rockabilly Socialite! If you would like to see your ad on this site, and your business featured in my monthly post, check out my Advertise Page. Prices are very reasonable, starting at just $20. What other marketing can you do now-a -days for just $20? You can have your ad up in just minutes! 


Dollie and Zack 

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Rockabilly Rockout: Saturday Night

-Continued from our Rockabilly Rockout series- 

The great Young Jessie kicked off the night with a bang! His voice is still booming and he's certainly a presence on stage. The dancefloor packed quickly as soon as the first few bars of "I Smell a Rat" started playing. We'd seen him play once before but it was a treat to see Young Jessie again, and still performing at a high level.

By Saturday night the crowd was in full swing and spirits were high. The pacing of the Rockout was perfect for chatting and catching up with friends rather than worrying about rushing to the next event. Plenty of new friends were made simply because there was time to talk.

Neo greats, The Jets, started their set with a acapella doo-wop mini-set that seemed a hit with the audience. Everyone was able to sing along to their favorites. They of course then moved along to their usual rockin' set that got people up and dancing. For those who have been part of the rockin' scene a long time there was a sense of nostalgia seeing these guys perform again. 

Los Angeles rockers, The Rip 'em Ups, took the stage with their brand of late '50s rock 'n' roll. These guys are a blast to watch and dance to. We are lucky they are local to us so we get to see them often. They are also a really popular act on the rockabilly weekender circuit, so we seem to see them even when we travel! 

As you all probably know by now, Miss Ruby Ann is expecting her first child, a boy, in a few months. Of course we couldn't be happier for this new little family. The Rockout was our first indication she was with child because this was the first time we have ever seen her on stage without a glass 'o whiskey! She did have a beautiful glow, which was certainly the only physical sign she was expecting- look at her in that dress!  

The rest of the crowd seemed to have a familiar glow as well, the glow of a good alcohol-induced flush of a weekender in Vegas! 

Our final post from the first ever Rockabilly Rockout will be up faster than you can say Arula Mata Gali! 

Dollie and Zack 

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