Sunday, January 25, 2015

Companies In My Social Circle: January

I can't believe the time has already come to do my first Companies In My Social Circle post for 2015! The new year is a great time to be thankful, and in 2015 I am thankful to all of the advertisers that keep this site going. 

It wouldn't be the new year if we didn't dive head first into planning for Viva Las Vegas. 

Hotel: check
Tickets: check
Time of Work: check
Savings: not check
But hey, there is still time to plan. Didn't get a room at The Orleans? Book a near by room like The Rio. Don't have your tickets yet? Buy them now! Don't have money? Use your tax return! Or, at least that is my plan. As you know, I will keep you all up to date on the latest VLV news!

I am so glad to have Wearing History as a continued advertiser! I am so happy to be able to support this awesome small company run by an amazing woman. If you have never heard of Wearing History, it started over 5 years ago with high quality sewing patterns for vintage style enthusiasts.  Due to high demand, the owner and designer Lauren, started a ready to wear collection. These garments are now made by skilled seamstresses in USA. Wearing History prides themselves on making these pieces ethically. So you can feel good supporting this business! 

If you are looking for something unique and special to wear to Viva Las Vegas this year, Wearing History may be just the ticket. Vintage clothing isn't for everyone because some people don't like to hunt for it, can't find their size, or can't keep up with the constant repairs that 50+ year old items require. So why not just buy a perfect vintage reproduction item in your size from Wearing History?

I would like to welcome Kinny & Howie Retro Boutique back as an advertiser. Kinny & Howie is an online boutique that specializes in retro fashions for women. They carry their own line as well as others from Steady, Hell Bunny and Sourpuss. They are located in Los Angeles, CA. While looking through their site I picked out a few things that would fit my "western theme" I am doing for Viva Las Vegas this year. These would be really cute for casual day wear, yes? These dresses are very affordable (around $50) and will fit basically any budget. So if you can't afford to spend $300 on a vintage dress for VLV, check out Kinny & Howie! 

Have I told you lately how much I love Cats Like Us? I'm sure you have heard of Cats Like Us before, but if not, Cats Like Us is a retro style clothing boutique selling new fashions with classic styles from the 1940's, 50's and 60's in modern fabrics and contemporary sizes ranging from XS to XXXL. They offer a unique selection of hand picked styles and gifts for men, women and children in modern sizing. They are based out of western New York but have a great online store also! They have lots of great new items right now, including items from Sourpuss, Heart of Haute, Sparklelux and Nicole Katherine Designs. I thought these items were so cute and would be really fun to wear. If you are just getting into retro styles, Cats Like Us is a great place to start. The owners are so nice too, so you can feel good buying from them! They also have a fun blog, including one post where you may recognize someone, so check it out! 

I  still have some great stuff listed in my Etsy store: Rockabilly Socialite Vintage. I recently re-listed everything in my shop with new SALE prices! I am basically giving stuff away because I have too much! However, you can save 30% off at checkout with the code USA30! Check it out, you may find something you can't live without, like this Lilli Ann coat! How is that still there? I have just started wearing it because no one was buying it. I may just decide to keep it.  I am trying to make room to add a ton of vintage swimsuits, dresses, and purses. So feel free to favorite my shop so you can see when they get posted. Rockabilly Socialite Vintage, for the Socialite in you!

Thank you again to all of our advertisers, new and old! Do you need to advertise your products, sale or special event? Would you like to reach a targeted audience of thousands to advertise your business? Then why not advertise with The Rockabilly Socialite! If you would like to see your ad on this site, and your business featured in my monthly post, check out my Advertise Page. Prices are very reasonable, starting at just $20. What other marketing can you do now-a -days for just $20? You can have your ad up in just minutes! 


Friday, January 23, 2015

From Boston to Salem!

-Continued from our New England Shake-Up Series- 

Before it gets too late I wanted to share more from our trip to Boston. We stayed in Boston after The New England Shake-Up. We had a little apartment there, but no car. So we took public transport everywhere. It ended up raining most of the time, which meant we were lugging around everything we had in the rain. It was an adventure for sure! 

To get out of the rain we ate at a nice restaurant on the water for lunch. We had a great view of the shore, but got to stay dry. 

After lunch we had tickets to take the ferry from Boston to Salem. Even though there was a storm, the boat was still sailing. We didn't know it, but we were in for quite a ride! It was definitely the craziest boat ride I have ever been on, and Zack was sitting there white knuckled while holding on to the table in front of us. The other people on the boat where screaming, half from fear and half from fun. It's hard to explain, I guess you had to be there! 

After we safely arrived in Salem we met our friends Amber and Bob. We headed straight to Modern Millie to see my friend Queenie. I ended up buy waaaayyy too much. Gah! 

After a bit of shopping we checked into our "haunted" hotel room at The Hawthorne. I had stayed here when I visited last year, so I knew it was a cute little place. Amber, Bob and Zack loved it too. 

Then we walked around the town a little bit and found a place for dinner- The Gulu Gulu Cafe. They had the best craft beers and build your own crepes. 

After dinner we met up with more friends for the Spellbound ghost tour. It was the same tour I took last year, but I really wanted to do it again. The host, Dr. Vidka, is awesome! 

Dr. Vidka took us to one of the home of Evelyn Corbin who was murdered by the Boston Strangler, and the gymnasium where they filmed my favorite halloween movie, Hocus Pocus. Speaking of Halloween, this was the first time I had visited Salem during October and it was awesome! They had Halloween stuff up everywhere, even though it was still early in the month. It is like a real life Halloween town. Do you see the orb above Amber's head? That may be energy captured on camera! 

My favorite story that Dr. Vidka tells on the tour is about the bar located next to the second oldest gravesite in America. The bar is right next to the gravesite, but slightly lower and shares a common stone wall. The story goes that one night the police got a frantic call that the wall had collapsed and dead bodies were spilling into the bar. But when the police got there, the wall was intact and everyone in the bar was hysterical and looked as though they had seen a ghost! They never did figure out what happened that night. So of course you know we had to go get a drink at that bar after the tour. While there we also sang some karaoke and my poor singing sent a few more dead bodies to that gravesite!  

The next post will be of our final day in Salem when we went to the House of Seven Gables!


Saturday, January 17, 2015

Flashback Friday: My Trip To Mexico!

-continued from my Trip To Mexico post-

I spent last Christmas in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. On Christmas day we had breakfast on the beach. It was so hot and humid, but beautiful! That's my sister, isn't she a babe? She has always been the skinny one, that lucky B!

After breakfast we went to Tulum. Tulum is the ruin site of a Mayan walled city situated on a cliff. It was really a sight to see! All of the doors are so little, they were a lot smaller back then. It was built really well to still be around. 

After Tulum we went to snorkel at Grand Cenote. I loved snorkeling in the cenotes, which are basically naturally formed sinkhole caves filled with fresh water. I loved it so much I kept choosing to visit different ones. At Grande Cenote we even saw a fresh water turtle. It was cute. 

Afterward we went to a nice seafood restaurant right on the beach. 

The fish they serve is fresh caught locally. We shared the worlds biggest lobster. I felt kinda bad afterward, but it was yummy and it once in a lifetime treat! 

Another fun thing we did was visit Aktun Chen which was a natural park with caves and underground rivers. They also have animals there too. 

This sweet little monkey loved the ladies and came to sit right on our laps. He was so cute! 

On this trip I also got to snorkel in the ocean for the first time. This was in Akumal Bay. The water is so warm and clear there so it was easy to see all of the sea life. We got to see sea turtles, sting rays and some little tiny sharks. It was really fun! 

We also went to Xplor, where we took a paddle boat ride through an underground river and went ziplining. It was a lot of fun! We also enjoyed taking some silly photos. My this time my legs were covered in bruises from all of the crazy stuff we were doing. I had to include that funny photo of me swimming under a waterfall. So much water. Water water everywhere! 

We also spent some time just sunbathing and swimming. I spent a lot of time in a swimsuit, so these posts have lots of pics of that. Sorry about that! I don't have a perfect figure, I am a work in progress! 

My favorite restaurant we went to was Alux, which is in a cave. I really like caves, can you tell? The cave was flooded from recent rains, so it made it ever cooler! The food was really good, but we really went there for the ambiance. 

Lots and lots of eating! Lots of places had healthy options, like green juice and smoothies, which I appreciated. 

Another thing we did (twice) was to visit La Bodeguita Del Medio. It is a cuban restaurant with yummy food, the best mojitos and salsa dancing. It was sooooo hot in there, but we had a blast drinking and dancing! 

Thank you all for letting me share my trip with you. I know it is not music related, but it was a great life experience that I wanted to relive! 


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