Wednesday, May 27, 2015

VLV 18: Sunday Afternoon

-Continued from our VLV 18 series-

Sunday morning (more like afternoon!) found us back at the pool for one of our favorite VLV events: The Tiki Pool Party! Once again I was asked to help judge a swimwear contest and this time it was the main event, the women's swimsuit contest. I was in good company, as the owner of Lucy B Swimwear (this year's host), model Anqelique Noire, and model Lisa Love were also judges. I definitely didn't feel cool enough to be up there! 

The Sunday pool party is truly a spectacle. The event is so popular that by mid-day there can be an almost hour wait to get inside the at capacity pool area. But it's worth it! Who doesn't like poolside fun in the sun, with mai-tais and gorgeous women in vintage swimwear? 

This was another great year of ladies showcasing some of the finest in vintage 'suits. It's so much fun seeing them all but it's really hard to narrow it down to a top 3. We actually couldn't narrow it down to only three, so we chose the top three and an honorable mention. I wish everyone could win!

I wore a vintage southwestern print swimsuit that Zack got me for Christmas. I had a southwestern theme all weekend and I was so amazed to find a suit to go with it, and even more amazed that my hubbie surprised me with it. Thank you to Tim Hunter for this photo of me throwing lip balm into the audience. What fun! 

Stay tuned for our last VLV post about Sunday nights festivities! 

Dollie and Zack 

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

VLV 18: Saturday Night

-Continued from our VLV 18 series- 

Every day at VLV is tiring, but Saturday is truly a marathon. First, you wake up early and spend all day in the sun while at the car show, but then you still have the usual full night of rockin' fun. It's a good problem to have though! Saturday always brings out the best vintage fashion and of course the music headliners!

We went straight from the car show and headed upstairs to see Jake Calypso in the Bienville. Jake was the act we were most looking forward to seeing and we're glad we did! He had one of the most energetic and charismatic performances at VLV that we can remember from recent years. Jake plays in the traditional rockabilly style and leans very much towards the raw hillbilly side of things. His stage persona is of a madman style akin to Charlie Feathers. We really enjoyed how his sheer enthusiasm forces the audience to engage.

Jake's set culminated in him crowd surfing, twice, from the front of the stage to the back of the dancefloor! Maybe it's happened before, but this was the first we could recall seeing somebody crowd surf at VLV. Once his feet were planted back on stage he invited all the ladies in the crowd to dance with him during the last song. Tom if you're reading this, PLEASE book Jake Calypso again!

For many, the main draw of Viva is the chance to see some of our favorite rockabilly legends perform. VLV has always done a great job of showcasing the greats and this year was no exception. 

First up was Huelyn Duvall who wasted no time getting the set started. His voice was still on point and the crowd sang along happily to hits such as "Pucker Paint" and "Three Months to Kill."

Ray Campi reminded us all that he is indeed thee "Rockabilly Man." Ray is one of a kind, with both hits from the '50s and again in the '70s/'80s when he teamed up with Ronny Weiser of Rollin' Rock Records and helped save American rockabilly. Sing along to "Caterpillar," and stomp your feet to "How Low Can You Feel," because Ray is awesome!

The Saturday night crowd, including Bernie and Levi Dexter and Rockin' Ronny Weiser!

Picture time with Joe Clay and Jake Calypso!

Joe Clay was up last to round out the legends showcase and like a bolt of lightning he sprinted onto the stage and straight into the opening bars of "Ducktails!" It wasn't too much longer before he jumped off stage and into the crowd to sing and dance. And before we knew it he was back onstage and playing the drums! Hey young'uns, pay attention because this is how you rock!

How much did Joe Clay rock? Well enough to get a lacy pair of panties thrown his way! We love Joe, the girls' loved joe...the whole audience loved Joe! His set was the talk of the weekend. If you missed our pre-Viva interview we did with Joe you can read it here.

Saturday night is in the books. Dancing, drinking and socializing at the record hops rounded out the evening. By this point everyone is getting sad that the weekend is almost over but hold on, we still have the Tiki Pool Party and all of Sunday to go! Stay tuned.

Dollie & Zack

Monday, May 11, 2015

VLV 18: Saturday Day

-Continued from VLV Friday Night-

Saturday morning started with a trip up to the ballroom for Texas two-step lessons. It's a dance style we've always wanted to learn so it was fun to finally have it being taught at Viva Las Vegas. Hopefully it's a regular yearly feature now because we could definitely use some more practice!

Unfortunately we had to leave dance lessons early but it was for a fun reason. I had to judge the couples swimsuit contest at the pool. We ended up giving out an extra prize because everyone looked too good!

Faces in the crowd - the VLV car show is something else. With almost 1000 cars and up to 20,000 attendees it's staggering in scope. It's amazing that you manage to run into your friends at all! You'll see some of the best day wear of the whole weekend at the car show. So when you go remember to take lots of pictures!

There's also some fantastic shopping while at the car show, and often with better pricing than the upstairs ballrooms. I managed to snag some cute t-shirts for $3 apiece and sunglasses for $5! A lot of large repro companies who don't have booths inside the hotel will usually have a setup outside, such as Pin-Up Girl Clothing. I also was invited to attend a blogger event with Sweet Siren Designs. The girls were so sweet, I loved meeting them! They had myself and a bunch of other bloggers meet up to check out their cool wooden jewelry line which is made in LA. I got to take a brooch home that I will show off in my loot post/video. Stay tuned! 

And of course, it's a car show, so who can forget the main attraction: All the beautiful classic cars! The amount of style and variety on display is awe inspiring. The best part is that the vast majority of cars on display are regularly driven vehicles, no trailer queens. Not that there's anything wrong with a pristine car that is babied, but it's so cool knowing that a lot of these cars are still cruising the Boulevard as a reminder of once great American style. 

Maybe the most anticipated artist of the whole weekend was the great Dion. Dion is one of the very few artists from his era that has managed to stay touring and release hits in multiple decades. He delighted the crowd with some of his old Belmonts hits like "I Wonder Why," and of course the swaggering "Wanderer." Hopefully we won't have to wait another 18 years for his return to VLV!

Closing out the car show festivities was The Sonics. They aren't '50s and they aren't rockabilly, but who cares, these guys still kick butt! The Sonics for years have been a "honorary rockabilly band" with many of their songs being huge strolling dancefloor hits. It's great to see them still together and back at it again after some years off. Their distorted fuzz sounds break through and really change up the weekend beat. Heck, everyone loves the Sonics so much that they were booked to play two shows during the weekend! 

That's only one half of Saturday! Check back for Saturday Night!

Zack & Dollie

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